Central, centre, circle

Centraal Museum

Centraal Museum in Utrecht is one of the leading visual arts institutes in the Netherlands. It has 5 very diverse collections, ranging from classic paintings to local artifacts and contemporary fashion. By the time we were invited to create a new brand identity this diversity had resulted in a fragmented and unclear brand expression.

We had always felt that the name ‘Centraal Museum’ was exceptionally strong. With the museum’s new strategy of operating more actively as a cultural hub it only increased in relevance. By coincidence the museum is placed geographically exactly in the middle of the Netherlands. So when we put a circle on the map to mark the museum’s location, the idea behind the new brand was born.

Brand System

The centrally placed circle is a constant, positioned within a changing landscape. Dotted lines to and from the circle provide relevant information according to time and form - whether for an exhibition, for signage within the museum or on complementary materials.

Brand Expression

The renewed strategy flexibly supports the various activities of the Centraal Museum, and makes sure everybody knows where it’s at. A ‘fool-proof’ design makes sure the brand stays consistent and increasingly recognizable to the public.

Creative Team

Concept & Strategy
Lesley Moore

Lesley Moore

NPN Printers


Vincent Zedelius

Rogier Brood

A special thanks to
Zigmunds Lapsa
Roel Stavorinus

Dutch Design Award – Graphic Design 2012

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